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The #include OmniBox

Basic Package


IVR Platform

Call-Back Platform

Custom Functions

Learn what OmniBox can do for you

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OmniBox Documentation  (Download ALL Documents)

Chapter Content
How to...
How to perform typical tasks
Chapter 1
Elements of Digital telephony
Chapter 2
Signaling and Call Progress
Chapter 3
OmniBox suite components and Database Structure. Downloads
Chapter 4
Routing tables
Chapter 5
The Call Detail Records (CDR's), Replication schemes and Report auxiliary tables
light NEW Reverse and Extended Replication Schemes
Chapter 6
Understanding The OmniMonitor
Chapter 7
Special Features: Hung Trunk Detector, WatchDog; Analog Service Line
Chapter 8
Global call Technology CDP, VCP and CFG files
Chapter 9
Dialogic Boards and Software Tools
Chapter 10
Virtual Circuits and Channels or How to Interconnect OmniBoxes
light NEW
Chapter 11
User programmable functions
light NEW Speed Dial and also check the HOOKS
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