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Armando Rodriguez

8113 NW 163 Terrace           Cell   954 817 1403

Miami Lakes, FL 33016                  Land 305 512 3634


Highly motivated software developer (C/C++/C#, SQL, VB) with broad technical and scientific background. Fast learner with strong algorithmic and mathematical skills. Can do bilingual (English/Spanish) documentation and teaching.  Is a US citizen.  


C++,C#,SQL,VB; Embedded Software; Advanced Math; Bilingual Documentation; MS Office.

 Work Experience:

I Embedded Software (2005 to USA present):  

·        For C++,C and ASM development DSP TMS320F2812 with TI’s Code Composer

o       Multiple Mode A/C, Mode S and ADS-B intruder simulation with way points with squitters and replies consistent in code, and RF amplitude/ phase with its positions and velocities.( )

o       Traffic Warning System for small aircraft (

o       Microwave W band radiometer for airport surveillance.( )

o       Aircraft simulator for transponder verification ( ).

o       Flash memory self programming module used in all of the above

·        Cypress EzUSB (8051).

o       Command interpreter for all DSP applications

o       Bootloader for the Cypress chips.

II Voice over IP (USA 2003-2004)

·   Developed from scratch a product that could monitor voice traffic through CISCO VoIP gateways in real time through the WEB, do troubleshooting and generate call detailed records for billing. The product, named Big Bro, also offered a billing system. Full description at #include’s website I wrote all documentation in the website.

III Computer Telephony: (USA 1997-2003)

·   Founded #include Software Consulting. There I developed from scratch a multipurpose switch based on Dialogic boards and Industrial PC named the OmniBox. The software was a suite of C++ MFC applications, since the switch was Database driven a considerable part of the code was in MS TRANSACT-SQL and the monitors user interface was written in Visual Basic. Full description at #include’s website Also wrote all the documentation.

·   Sold Installed and tested about 40 of these switches that could handle as mush as 100000 simultaneous calls.. On 2001 it peaked over a million dollar in sales..

·   Consulted on digital and analog telephony issues

IV Windows Programming: (USA)

1.      VB.NET and TRANSACT-SQL; Foreign currency exchange rate server and virtual trader that using the FIX protocol and lots of statistical math for. L3Oracle.(2005-present).

2.      C# class library, Hi math namespace, for dealing with special functions like Legendre polynomials and spherical harmonics,  vectors, complex numbers,  3D representation of surfaces,  2D projections and more. A demo can be seen and downloaded from (2003)

3.      Software Engineer for Video Jukebox Network, The Box cable TV channel (2/1995 to 8/1997).

a.       Visual C++ (multithreading MFC, CSocket for TCP/IP over a satellite network, MS SQLServer). An IVR computer telephony application involving Dialogic D/240T1 cards on an ISDN PRI service. Includes logging and accounting. Visual C++ (multithreading MFC).

b.      A class for video overlay and background transition effects using a Targa 64 board and a Sound Blaster for sound effects.

c.       MS SQL Server/ Access client-server application that manages all the music video flow, from tape input, through MPEG2 encoding, scheduling to Satellite broadcast.

4.      Computer Consultant for JVC Professional Products. I developed a product called the “Application Builder” coded as SF-P27UA. Present version is based on ActiveX (VTRcontrol.OCX) which control VTR’s through RS232 or RS422 links from NT or Win 95; and a bundle sample programs to be used on specific applications of computer controlled VTR’s which includes a Cut Editor; VTR synchronization; a dub deck; video tape archiver, among others. Written in VB 5.0 & Visual C++. (4/1993 to the release for Win 32 on 11/1996).

5.      Developer for Creative Labs. Application for the Video Blaster called the Night Watch, which monitored several parameters of the video signal and generated DDE commands for other Windows 3.1 application when specified conditions were met. Featuring a Visual Basic dialog calling a DLL in Visual C++ and ASM to handle the frame buffer. (6/1993-12/1993)

6.      Software Developer for ITELCO USA Inc.: Program to control a Spectrum Analyzer for special measurements on broadcasting equipment VC++ and VB; System to generate digital elevation models from terrain maps scanned images, used to design broadcasting networks (VC++ and VBasic); A local RS485 9th bit protocol for the station information concentrator (5/1993 - to 2/1995)

7.      Developed computer simulation for Columbia Pictures for the shooting of "Bad Boys". (8/94)

V.               Back in Cuba: (Cuba) Had experience in robotics and computer CNC, analog electronic design,  physics research and teaching.

Educational Background

Graduated as "Licenciado en Física” from the University of Havana (between a BS and an MS in Physics).  MS in Physics after a fellowship in the University of Uppsala, Sweden and made Ph.D. thesis on Sputtering Thin Film Deposition and Etching for MOS, this involved high vacuum, thin film, radio frequency and silicon planar technologies as well as low pressure plasma physics.




Experienced writer in English and Spanish with a book, about 20 technical papers and technical documentation in physics, electronics and computer issues. Healthy; fluent with good communication skills in both English and Spanish. Traveled extensively on business to 22 countries of North & South America, Europe and Asia.



1.Richard Horner (#include client) President of ISI Ltd (954) 735 1005

2.Camilo Medina (#include client) President of Go2Tel Inc. (305) 614 2048

3.Ron Linares Senior Software Engineer of VJN (the Box), (954) 956 0970

4.Juan Martinez, Director of Strategic Technical Alliances, JVC Professional Products, USA Inc. (800)526-5306 or (973) 317-5223.

7.Roberto Martinez (Coworker at The Box)  Pembroke Pines (954)704-0812