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Section 2.5 GW_Monitor Configuration File

2.5.1 Ini File Syntax:


If the parameter value is text, it must be typed within double quotes.


Parameter description:


RELAY_TCP_PORT      GW_Relay port number


RELAY_IP         GW_Relay IP Address (Text)


TITLE     is the text that will appear on the Windows caption. "Text"


GROUP_COLOR,  2 Sets the group color number.


LOG_FILE   Alternative name for the default Monitor.Log. 

WATCHDOG_TO    Alarms "Gateway Relay not responding" or "Gateway not responding" are issued after the watchdog hits this timeout. Intermittent network connections GW_Monitor <-> GW_Relay or GW_Relay <-> Gateway can falsely trigger these alarms. Also to be accurate in which of the alarms must be issued, enough time must have been provided to determine if the relay is the one not responding or if it is the gateway. If you are experiencing these inaccuracies  or false alarms, try increasing this timeout. Default is 150 seconds. The the Watchdog indicator is not reset until it is halfway (See 2.1.4) actual time in which that the absence of a signal can trigger an alarm is half this timeout value. 


PLAY_SOUND There are special sounds for Log Event alarms (sounds like rescue or police car) and also when a chat message is received (sounds like a ring). This sounds may be enabled/disabled from the View menu but they can also be enabled by default with this line in the ini file, otherwise the default will be 'disabled'.


SCHED_CMD , "[date time]-[Action commands separated by '|'] This line will schedule the Actions Commands (see Appendix A) to be sent at the time specified in [date time]. You may use the wild card '?', to make a command repetitive. The wild card will be replaced by the number that corresponds to current time, the line in the example below (busyout channels 101and 102) will execute every night at 11PM. You can include up to 10 these SCHED_CMD lines. (Text)




SET_FONT, N1 B1 S9 Sets Group Label default font to N (Arial Narrow-1/Arial-0), B (Bold-1/Regular-0) and S (your choice of size from 8 to 12). Any separator, space, comma or even nothing is acceptable. For example, N1B1S9 or N1-B 1- S9 or N 1, B 1, S 9. But something like  N-1 B,2 S_9.will not be.


MAIL_PAGEES, "2548312261@airmessage.net; msan@bellsouth.net" List of recipients for e-mail pages (Text)

MAIL_MASK, "*0*1*5*13*"   Alarm number type mask as explained above. (Text)

MAIL_STR_MASK,  "Peer 2" String mask, if any of the semicolon separated strings finds a match in an alarm message it won't be sent as a page. (Text)

MAIL_STR_ALLOW, "Exception,20%" String mask, if any of the semicolon separated strings finds a match in an alarm message it will be sent as a page even if its number type is masked.. (Text)


MAX_ALARMS, 100    Maximum size of the alarms list to 100 rows.(default 200). Lists use up memory resources, that's why a limit must be set



The list grows by adding to the button, when it reaches the limit, the first row will be deleted. If you are monitoring many gateways, keep this limit low. If you are tracking a particular one closely, you may increase it to make sure you don't miss a message.



2.5.2 GW_Relay Protocol Commands from GW_Monitor to GW_Relay


The general structure is a command character followed by a parameter and terminated with a pipe character "|".


Command Parameter Description


<Broadcast chat message>   

Message for Chat broacast


<Computer Name>   

Monitor identification



Watchdog "are you OK?"  command



Re-query command 



Report Master clock Command


<Peer ID>   

Request Graphic summary for specified peer



Switch report to DS0 Group in status message (t)



Switch report to Peer ID in status message (t)



Request to update status information for all channels



Request to update system information



Request Watchdog page test



Request to enable privileged commands



 Request to disable privileged commands






Request to reset app:


<Debug Mask>   *

Set debug bit mask for the Monitor


<Debug mask>   *

Reset debug bit mask for the Monitor 


<Ph Number>   

Make test call command



Soft busyout



Hard busyout





*Note: Up to version 1.5.x, only bits 1 and 2 being used. Bit 1 is for Ping and Test Call,  Bit 2 requests for failed call information. Each monitor has its mask at the GW_Relay, debug information requested by one monitor is not sent to any other.Each bit in the mask stands for a type of debug info. Messages from the GW_Relay to the GW_Monitor 


General structure is Message character followed by the Information part  and must terminate with a pipe character "|". 


Message Information Description
+ C<span number> Reports which span is being the master clock
+ [gOoMmEePQTYXxS] ACK's command success notification
+W Response to the "Are you OK?" command, absence of which, will be interpreted as "I'm not OK!". 
- [gOoWMmEePQTYXxS] NAK's or command failure notifications
- D VoIP call attempt detected with Unknown destination
- N<Failure count> Failed call count
A Alarm description Alarm message that will go into the alarm tab
I Debug information text Debug message to Debug Info Window
t ChNum,Peer ID or DS0Group, Voice quality, Latency Channel status message
c Call Information string Goes to the Call Info Text Box and the Call Detail Window, is content is specified with the GW_Relai.ini parameter CALLINFOMASK.
p Peer1, Peer2,... Comma delimited list of detected peers
g Half Hour,Completion Rate, Average duration, Post Dial Delay, minutes per hour, attempt count 24 hour summary information for requested peer
G Gateway up time, Free resources, Relay work time in seconds, Bits In, Bit Rate In, Bit Out, Bits Rate Out, CRC count Gateway dynamic information
S Gateway Name, GW_Relay version, InterfaceName, Interface BW, Span 1 Type (cas or pri), Span 2 Type... Gateway static information
! Computer Name1, Computer Name 2,...  Comma delimited list of computers connected to the GW_Relay.
@ Chat Message
T String with date an time Gateway local time

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