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Chapter No.


  How to ... How to perform typical tasks.
Chapter 1 Elements of Digital telephony
Chapter 2 Signaling and Call Progress
Chapter 3 The OmniBox suite components and Database Structure.  Downloads
Chapter 4 Routing tables     
Chapter 5

The Call Detail Records (CDR's), Replication schemes and Report auxiliary tables.

NEW Reverse and Extended Replication Schemes

Chapter 6 Understanding The OmniMonitor               
Chapter 7 Special Features: Hung Trunk Detector, WatchDog; Analog Service Line
Chapter 8 Global call Technology CDP, VCP and CFG files
Chapter  9 Dialogic Boards and Software Tools
Chapter  10 Virtual Circuits and Channels or How to Interconnect OmniBoxesNEW
Chapter  11 User programmable functionsNEW  Speed Dial and also check the HOOKS